-Peace River Wildlife Center-

The Peace River Wildlife Center is a non profit organization who helps resuscitate and recuperate hundreds of animals yearly. Come visit and see the animals up close and how they help the animals recover. 
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Here at the Peace River Wildlife center they help over 2,000 animals yearly. Injured or sick wildlife is brought to the park, where they are helped heal and recuperate. The park has a 83% positive outcome of animals brought in.

The animals needs are met individually, some of the animals require physical therapy and lots of care and others just rest and sleep. After animals leave the park they are either sent to another area for more rehabilitation or released into the wild. 

The park helps all sorts of animals. They have had falcons, turtles, squirrels, minks and ferrets, otters, pelicans, storks, owls and many others. The park is a non profit organization and they don't have any government funding. They are backed by volunteers and donations solely. 

Take time out of your visit to be educated and learn about how you can help prevent harming wildlife and what to do when an animal is injured. How to correctly dispose of garbage and give back. 
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The park is home to storks, pelicans, owls and many other birds.

"I'd highly recommend this non-profit organization. They have fully staffed, knowledgeable volunteers and they thoroughly enjoy what they're doing. It was lovely to be greeted right away. The facility is perfect for kids and adults alike!"
- Audra H. -Yelp
"The stars here are the owls, for sure. The volunteers will take the smaller ones out so you can see them up close. So cute I want to take one back with me on my next semester in Hogswart! There are plenty of volunteers around, and chatting w them will greatly enhance your experience as you learn more about their work and the animals."
- Krys P. -Yelp
"Love this place! They do an excellent job of caring for the animals. Also are extremely helpful and willing to share any and all knowledge they have. Loved seeing the bald eagles and red tail hawks up close and personal. We'll be going back a couple times a year to support them for sure."
- David L. -Yelp